The Bell Theater is a beautifull concert-carillon with 50 bronze bells that travels through the Netherlands and Europe.
Designed more then 10 years ago by the world-wide known carilloneur Boudewijn Zwart the instrument is of high quality and can easily be combined with many other instruments as harp, guitar, flute, piano, brass instruments, orchestra’s and organ.


The concert-carillon can be placed inside a building, as each part of the carillon can move through normal-sized doors, or outside on an atmospheric trailer.
It allready travelled to Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and the UK.

For who?

  • The concert-carillon can be rented by carilloneurs throughout Europe for concerts, special events or festivals. If you are interested in just renting the instrument, ‘bell mover’ Bart will make sure it arrives at the right time and place.
  • Looking for a full entertainment program?
    With Bell Theater we offer unique entertainment programs for all ages. In this case Bart will not only bring you the concertcarillon but also his wife, Lydia Zwart, who works as a puppeteer, ventriloquist and musician. Beside the concertcarillon she playes a wide variety of other instruments like guitar, musical saw and moutharp.
    Together we’ll arrange a family-friendly program full of joy, puppetry and music!
  • If we don’t speak your language: no problem. We’ll make sure its mostly non-verbal and therefore suitable for all to enjoy.
    Let’s not forget: music is a universal language!

Interested in having the Bell Theater on your event?